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; Liberation Day in Kuwait (1991) needs more footnotes
364 – Following the death of the Roman emperor Jovian, officers of the army at Nicaea in Bithynia selected Flavius Valentinianus to succeed him. refimprove section
1909 – The first films made with Kinemacolor, the earliest successful colour motion picture process, were shown to the British general public. unreferenced section
1919 – U.S. president Woodrow Wilson signed a law that designated most of Arizona's Grand Canyon, a gorge of the Colorado River that is considered to be one of the major natural wonders of the world, as a national park. GC: refimprove sections; GCNP: refimprove
1946 – Finnish observers reported the first sightings of unidentified flying objects known as "ghost rockets", which have not yet been positively identified. refimprove, needs more footnotes
1966 – The Saturn IB rocket launched for the first time from Florida's Cape Canaveral. no footnotes
1993 – A bomb-laden van exploded underneath the World Trade Center in New York City, killing six and injuring more than one thousand people. refimprove sections, expansion
Mary Whiton Calkins |d|1930 unreferenced sections


February 26

Napoleon leaving Elba
Napoleon leaving Elba
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